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Litigants in Person – A New Blog with a New Approach

This blog is the result of one ‘seasoned victim’ working with Brad Meyer who has been creating collaboration between many opposing camps in his professional life.

Here he is aiming at a better understanding between victims of white collar crimes who become Litigants in Person and the judiciary.



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The Forensics of Legal Fraud – The first two Volumes about Fraudulent Bankruptcies

I never thought I could get involved in individual cases. I felt too help- and powerless and too ignorant about courts and legalese.

But my colleague Brad Meyer began by designing a template and I got involved in writing one-page summaries. We wanted to group cases to enforce the Bank of England Act 1694 that was designed NOT to oppress Their Majesties’ subjects.

After spending a lot of time with Mr Ebert, Brad produced Volume 1 of The Forensics of Legal Fraud with him, one of four key cases of fraudulent bankruptcies.

I ended up producing Volume 2 with Paulette H Cooper who is one of these four cases.

These are real live cases – for students to study, for adults to consider – as a warning and possibly wake-up call – and as support and consolation for all other victims.

We believe that bankrupts have no chance of ever getting restitution or compensation for the injustice they have suffered. But we also trust that, together, we will make some difference some time.

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