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Litigants in Person – A New Blog with a New Approach

This blog is the result of one ‘seasoned victim’ working with Brad Meyer who has been creating collaboration between many opposing camps in his professional life.

Here he is aiming at a better understanding between victims of white collar crimes who become Litigants in Person and the judiciary.



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Bloggers as victims? They need to be gagged to protect child snatching from being shown up!

Bloggers unite! Get gagging orders or ‘injunctions’ to comply with people who don’t want you to expose their criminal behaviour.

Look at this terrible child snatching case that I documented below and got threatened with an “injunction” – less than two hours before a Court hearing…

Here’s what I published about state kidnapping before.

Now ask yourself why there seems to be only one British journalist (Christopher Booker at the Telegraph) writing about this crime that seems to be going on more than anybody knows – but that seems to be true for ALL styles of victimisation:

Another ‘horrible’ case for you, Mr Loughton

Here’s the announcement: Rise in number of children referred to child protection services in Wales. Just as 75,000 home repossessions were expected…


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Letter to the Guardian

Paulette has sent this letter to the Guardian about her traumatic experience which is documented by photos here:

Dear Sirs,

Please see on the link below photographs of a criminal breaking, entering and trespass by Lincoln County Court Bailiffs, locksmiths, an HBOS representative whilst three police officers stood by and watched them commit these crimes. There are hundreds of these illegal possessions and unlawful bankruptcies  happening every week in the UK leaving people shell shocked and traumatised, not to mention homeless. Many of them do not even understand their rights or why the Law and the Courts have failed them. We do however know that the greed of the criminals working within HMCS is the real problem!

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