Independent test of the new Legal Complaints Service

This site is an invitation to submit any complaint you may have about any law firm.

The author is a professional tester with lots of experience since 1975 which can be viewed on this history page.


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On behalf of victims bankrupted by “the system”

Victims of financial and judiciary procedures have joined our meetings ever since we started them in the House of Commons and Lords.

Now we’ve pointed the finger at the Bank of England and our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP has also asked the Financial Services Authority to look into it.

More on Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694 and Open Letter to Bank of England and FSA.

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June Meeting with Supportive MPs

Our meeting on June 23rd took place thanks to the ceaseless efforts of Brad Meyer who had videoed the previous meeting.

The visible result on the web is Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694 – where ‘victims turned starfighters’ can publish their complaints. The idea is to group them so that the law can be changed.

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Hello and Welcome to Room 14!

Quite a few of us met in Committee Room 14 (decorated as the Gladstone Room) at the House of Commons on April 23rd, 2009 – after having participated in Challenging the Recession: Can we Change the Economy? Yes, we can!

We are now the hub of a network and can create an online community, also by using, as Brad Meyer, our amateur cameraman and strategic advisor from Collaboration suggested.

The first task is for people to introduce themselves and their cases. Videos are the easiest way to tell your story.

Brad has recorded the first few. If you want to send yours, do let us know whether you are happy with the story to be shown in public or not.

We can always ‘hide’ stories, but it’s important to know them so that we can GROUP COMPLAINTS.

Getting individual justice and compensation AS WELL AS changing the law collectively – that’s what hopefully will happen thanks to more and more net- and web-working.

With all my German sense of order mixed with my Slavic passion,

Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies

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