Here we see Terry Armstrong in Room 14. His website is

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  1. sarmstrong2175

    I would just like to let as many people who will listen know about this complete twat you see on your screen. Terry Armstrong is a liar, a cheat and the slimiest person on the face of the planet!!!! I am unfortunately a family member of this man. But like many other people in his family, if I was to see him in the street I would drop him!!! This man steals money from family members, even uses his dying brother to try and make a few quid. This man also ran his own mother out of her house and put her in a home and then didn’t even have the bollocks to go to her or his brother’s funerals!!!! This man accused an innocent man of being a paedaphile to try and get himself off the hook from a criminal charge. This man will say and do anything to a success. This includes saying that he tried to commit suicide!!!! But having said that he would be selfish enough to do and leave his family with all the shit he has created due to his selfishness. I urge anyone who is considering helping this man to take a wide birth because he will rip you off as quick as look at you, and if indeed he has lost everything and if he has tried to top himself then it’s no more than he deserves. So do not help this man!!!!!!!!

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