Some cases are more horrific than others.

Some victims have suffered more than others. Some have had to fight harder than others.

Starting with Lord Sudeley’s bankruptcy over 100 years ago, similar patterns are becoming apparent.

Our challenge is

  • to group complaints to change the law
  • to help fellow ‘victims’ to attain justice, fairness and compensation – if not ‘bailout money’!

As a first political step on behalf of victims, Austin Mitchell MP has tabled Early Day Motion (EDM) 1297Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694:

That this House, observing that the intention of the founding Act of the Bank of England in 1694 was `that their Majesties’ subjects may not be oppressed by the said corporation’, notes that those subjects have been seriously oppressed by the Bank’s failure to control the greed, risk-taking and speculation of the banking system over which it presides; and therefore suggests that this oppression should be dealt with as the Act provides by fines three times the value of the abusive trading.

So far, we have identified ten banking issues as ways of oppression.

If you have a ‘case’, write to your MP, ask for support and ask for signing the EDM.

Victims, unite, become starfighters and get support from your MP, so that,together, we can take next steps.

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