Stories & Cases

These videos were kindly recorded by Brad Meyer of Collaboration. Subsequent meetings were recorded on June 23, 2009 and March 9, 2010 and in an album on vimeo.

Donald Martin, former Chairman of the Forum for Stable Currencies

Ronald Stamper, professor of Information Management who taught information systems at the London School of Economics

Patrick Cullinane

Malcolm Treacher who lost his print and design company to the bad behaviour of a large corporation

Paul Talbot-Jenkins

Phil Vasey, a businessman who wants to understand more about economics

Peter Oakes

General discussion


9 responses to “Stories & Cases

  1. That there is a need for reform is an undisputed fact; how that reform will be achieved is a conundrum, but not impossible.

    As an observer acting on behalf of a few victims, but with some experience of campaigning, it seems we need a campaigning group with but a single mission – promoting people against injustice – whatever form that injustice takes.

    There are so many instances of action being necessary at individual level. Some cases have been ongoing for several years while others are more recent. Many have sought the help and advice of their members of parliament, too many of whom, belong to the legal fraternity. Most have sought advice from lawyers. Too many have received injustice from those lawyers and the judiciary, aided and abetted by law enforcement officers.

    Such suffering cannot be fully appreciated by those who have never had to experience the trauma of losing everything. Victims have lost their homes, their livelihood, their self respect and, all too often, their family unity has been totally fragmented. None of these victims ever believed such contraventions of human rights and infringements of human dignity could be possible in this country of ours so it is even more difficult to persuade non-victims and mere observers to believe it is actually happening.

    Too many, including H.M Queen Elizabeth II, probably think such cases have been exaggerated. It is easy to dismiss that with which you are not familiar. Even easier when, surrounded by luxury and deference, you have only to believe that, as a constitutional monarch you cannot do anything about it. But, first and foremost, the queen is a human being with eyes to see, ears to listen and a tongue with which to speak. Those are attributes of every human being.

    As humans, we all have an obligation to help our fellow beings, especially if they are in distress. It is not easy to conclude which case or cases merit being promoted as ‘guinea pig’ trial cases, but such is the capriciousness of the law; what holds true today may be overturned tomorrow. It needs but one crack in the veneer of impenetrability and the breach is made for justice to break through and triumph.

    We can never forget that which is attributed to Edmund Burke (1729-1770): “…Evil prevails when good men do nothing… When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle…”

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