Challenging the Recession was the title of the event which presented the cause, effects and some of the solutions at UK level – via a panel of speakers.

Here are the video records of the meeting in the Grand Committee Room in the morning.

Here are recordings of the afternoon meeting in Committee Room 14.

And here is the feedback I received from Lord Sudeley and Dr. Tatiana Dudina:

Sabine, dear –

what an informative, revealing, inspiring and head-spinning meeting!

and how useful and timely…

we are both very impressed, can’t stop talking about it, and promoting you and your cause among our true friends…

Deciding and updating strategy and tactics – the program minimum and the program maximum, is the essential thing

sorry I am coming back to the ‘classics’, but in some way, they are worth listening to – after all, they scored a major takeover, successfully, with just a handfulof people, out of nothing – just sheer thought, inspiration and a few practical points… and held on to it for over 70 years…

anyway, in his April theses, which is a set of rules for being successful in a standoff, Grandpa Lenin said:

first – take over the communications – post-office, telegraph and telephone – I think with the internet, your excellent site, blogs, and if there is anything else we can recommend, like this One Voice lady – sounds promising –  so we should as much as possible spread and promote that, to start with, among ourselves – could we please have the e-mails of the lady, and Mike Grimsdale, the banker? we are currently preparing our site, on the Society for the Protection of the British Constitution – and will soon be able to pass on the links to you, I hope

anyway, a list of the people’s contacts, with short references, would be a good idea – we have to be in touch and keep in touch, and help each other sharing experiences and tips…

Second, as I said, waking up the masses – through film, primarily – if at all possible, there might be value in making films about all these people, especially those whose stories are filmable, and start showing them – I suppose the internet would be the cheapest and most massive conduit here…

well, that is it for the moment and thank you very much once again!

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