This site has been put together by Sabine K McNeill, Organiser of the Forum for Stable Currencies. Having heard of heart-breaking cases ever since 1998, she keeps trying to find political procedures for victims of the legal and financial system in general and the banking crisis in particular.

75,000 home repossessions are expected this year.

Maybe the time has come for Bailout Money for Crisis Victims?

While I take full responsibility for my own writing and analysis, I can not be held responsible for any of the implications presented by each of the cases.

I am ‘only’ suffering from the inability to get funding for my company 3D Metrics. The probability for women’s companies to get finance is 2.5% according to the woman who created the first venture capital fund.

And I am appalled by the fact that the London Development Agency divulged confidential information during my application process in 2007.

It seems that Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus is right: governments and authorities are notoriously slow and have let us down… We got to do what we can ourselves. And since we can’t outpower them, we must outsmart them. One blog at a time!

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