This blog is about ‘victims’ turned ‘starfighters’:

  • people who have fought enormous battles, thinking they are alone
  • people who have learned things they never wanted to know and thought possible
  • people who are willing to share their stories and experiences so that, together, we can make a difference – by helping each other.

This blog is also about using Parliament as the highest Court in the land. That means we need to find MPs who are supportive of our cases and sympathetic to our causes. A test for the latter is whether they’ll sign Early Day Motion 1297 on the Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694.

Together, we can change the law. That means we need to group our complaints. Lord Sudeley said that this was already done in the 15th century. Hence it can be done again.

Individually, we need to find compensation and justice. This means we need to help each other. And we can ‘name and shame’.

Committee Room 14 in Westminster has helped us share our experiences and reinforce our commitment and perseverance.

This blog helps to stay connected when we’re back home. It will be a platform for ‘coming out’, once we are ‘more together’.

Happy blogging and connecting!

Contact: sabine at 3d-metrics.com

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