Litigants in Person – A New Blog with a New Approach

This blog is the result of one ‘seasoned victim’ working with Brad Meyer who has been creating collaboration between many opposing camps in his professional life.

Here he is aiming at a better understanding between victims of white collar crimes who become Litigants in Person and the judiciary.


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5 responses to “Litigants in Person – A New Blog with a New Approach

  1. Hi, can you give some examples of the background of these ‘victims of white collar crimes’. And what type of opposing camps has Brad encountered? Am loving this blog, as criminal law is my speciality. Neehal Patel

  2. Dear Neehal
    Since I began this blog, I built first and where you will find ‘cases and stories’.
    Happy clicking and reading!

  3. Hi Sabine, I have been trying to contact you, could do with some support/advice. regards

    • Sorry Angel,

      After seven arrests and a Restraining Order, Police continue to harass me. I have long ceased to help with individual cases. But if you send me an email, I may have somebody to forward it to. sabine

      • sorry to hear about the harassment, however, you been doing some great stuff. I was wondering about a petition to the house of commons, it might be a bit of old fashion thing to do, your meant to write a pray, need 25 people at least to support it.
        my email

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