Letter to the Guardian

Paulette has sent this letter to the Guardian about her traumatic experience which is documented by photos here:

Dear Sirs,

Please see on the link below photographs of a criminal breaking, entering and trespass by Lincoln County Court Bailiffs, locksmiths, an HBOS representative whilst three police officers stood by and watched them commit these crimes. There are hundreds of these illegal possessions and unlawful bankruptcies  happening every week in the UK leaving people shell shocked and traumatised, not to mention homeless. Many of them do not even understand their rights or why the Law and the Courts have failed them. We do however know that the greed of the criminals working within HMCS is the real problem!

I have never personally had a court hearing with regard to this property, no court documents with any mortgage debt have ever been served, in fact no appropriate documents have ever been served at all, yet these criminals broke into my property and deprived me of my rights to it in broad daylight! PLease allow me to pinch myself, we are still in the UK surely? This isn’t Uganda …is it?

They came ‘mob handed’ nine in all to perform this property theft from me –  a sixty year old lady.

The police refused to do their jobs and arrest these people and as such aided and abetted the criminals from the Lincoln Courts to unlawfully possess my property in order to aid and abet HBOS in one of their many property frauds. They are so far connected to the Quayside fraud, the Vavassuer fraud and have most certainly acted criminally in depriving me of my rights to my property also. Yet they continue to suck the financial life out of the public by stealing their homes and businesses. It is time that they were stopped and time our courts were cleaned up and the  criminals posing as Judges bought to book! Please see all photographic evidence on the link below:

Illegal and unlawful repossession on camera

Please see our petition at :- http://www.gopetition.co.uk/online/34869.html

Also see www.stophbos.com

This petition to HM Queen was created by The Forum for Stable Currencies and is supported by many Lords and Ministers to stop the Oppression of the British People and the criminality amongst Court officials, the legal profession and police. Dr. Vince Cable is at this time creating a report on four bankruptcies which have been brought about unlawfully, mine is one of them. The Lord Chancellor, as you will see, is also aware of this situation. They are all showing great courage in the face of apparently sinister forces, so please stand up for the truth and earn some respect from the public!

I would very much appreciate your support and ask that you publish and expose these disgraceful acts by authorities who have taken oaths to serve and protect the public – not to criminally defraud them. Please show us that you can and will  print the truth.

Yours sincerely

Paulette Cooper (Ms.)

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