Hello and Welcome to Room 14!

Quite a few of us met in Committee Room 14 (decorated as the Gladstone Room) at the House of Commons on April 23rd, 2009 – after having participated in Challenging the Recession: Can we Change the Economy? Yes, we can!

We are now the hub of a network and can create an online community, also by using www.meetup.com, as Brad Meyer, our amateur cameraman and strategic advisor from Collaboration suggested.

The first task is for people to introduce themselves and their cases. Videos are the easiest way to tell your story.

Brad has recorded the first few. If you want to send yours, do let us know whether you are happy with the story to be shown in public or not.

We can always ‘hide’ stories, but it’s important to know them so that we can GROUP COMPLAINTS.

Getting individual justice and compensation AS WELL AS changing the law collectively – that’s what hopefully will happen thanks to more and more net- and web-working.

With all my German sense of order mixed with my Slavic passion,

Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies

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  1. I got this from remarkable Liz Watson who runs One Voice – One Action and thought it’s good for everybody to read.

    I’d like to point out that I set up every member as AUTHOR, i.e. you can learn to contribute yourself – not only ‘comments’, but also ‘posts’, pages’ and ‘links’.

    WordPress is distinctly the best platform around and I feel that it’s a skill that is good to have up your IT sleeve.

    Hi Sabine

    The blog looks very good. An excellent start. Here are few contribution ideas for the June meeting:-

    1. I suggest it might be good to have an ‘educational section’ in the blog ? i.e. explaining the illusions behind our Monetary system in economics terms, and e.g. definitions of ‘The Constitution’, the ‘Magna Carta’, how derivatives, Corporate Bond Funds (CBF’s) and ‘swaps’ are created and how they have all directly contributed to the accelerated CREDIT BUBBLE which has now burst…..this kind of thing. this is because ignorance prevails at this time. Most people are asleep and need awakening ! I can get you several links sent if you like…..

    2. I would recommend including a link to David Icke…some of these guys offer an affiliate link, which might help you with fund-raising. Would you like me to make some enquiries into some of the appropriate sites to have linked to it ? he also has very good free videos people can watch like “what is money ?” etc..I would also HIGHLY recommend putting a link to “The Obama Deception” and also “Zeitgeist” and “Zeitgeist Addendum” which are phenomenal films about today’s economic reality and the change we need to create…also, Daniel Hannan’s famous speech about “a devalued prime minister in a devalued government”. Shall I contact Daniel’s Brussels office and invite him to speak at the June Event ? If he comes it would be a sellout ! He has had over 2 million hits on his you-tube 3 minute speech to Gordon Brown last month, which went viral and hit those numbers within just a few days ! Have you hear him speak ?

    The web address to watch the show anywhere in the world is:

    3. Also, there is an excellent group called ‘The British Constitution’ with Roger Hayes – I’m going to send you his link separately. they have MP3 recordings on their site and do Public talks. they have a big event (500 or so people) coming up on 13 June at Euston Friends Meeting house, £12.50 per ticket, his latest email is below, which gives his website link: http://www.thebcgroup.org.uk
    Roger and naval commander Brian Gerrish could potentially be good panel speakers for your next meeting, they are experienced and you can hear their style on their website and on google searches….They are good at rounding up numbers who are seeking change and a great group to work with.

    4. There is Stephen Garcia (accountant from Vigo Street, Mayfair) who is very switched on and in touch with some powerful tory back-benchers who are arranging for me now to have my MP (Sir John Butterfill) to petition the Treasury Select Committee to get our delinquent mortgages annulled, and to have a Public Investigation and indictment done into Sir James Crosby. He said that Crosby’s “shelf life” is up, and that there are many in parliament ready to drive a stake through him, he was at the central hub of the ‘vavasseur’ fraud and has fled the scene of the crime, so I’m VERY keen to nail him. Stephen would like to meet you, so I intend to email him about you. He’s a great thinker and understands the huge problems we’re facing with corruption etc… he is another potentially good speaker for you. He’s worked with SAFE and has set up a financial structure for them – he could do the same for us, so people can join as members for, say £35 a year to ‘Room 14’, which then entitles them to attend meetings..we could say their first meeting is free, thereafter they need to join up and subscribe to show their committment, do you agree with this approach ? I know it is an approach that works, and will create a useful fund for expenses / petty cash etc, PR campaigns, etc…

    5. I HIGHLY recommend you invite IAN FRASER, Investigative Financial Journalist from Edinburgh, to speak at your next conference. He is VERY knowledgeable about the Financial markets and the endemic corruption therein. He used to be the Editor of the Scottish Herald, and he has good links to the FT, Times, etc etc.. he also is doing a couple of TV programs with ‘Newsnight’ etc, so could lend a brilliant touch to our meeting. Would you like me to arrange a 3-way call with him or something ? Visit his blog under ‘Ian Fraser’ on google.

    6. Lindsay Willcox is someone who does ‘energy’ work and does beautiful guided mediations which ‘set the stage’ for the day which I can highly recommend. She is v.aware and lifts the atmosphere and energy levels, I could ask her to come along as well and recommend you ask her to do a few minutes at the start , or you could meet her first.
    She works with ‘A course in Miracles’ principles and is an outstanding healer… it is ultimately the quality of our Vision and outreach through practicing the principles of quantum physics / metaphysics that will empower us to catalyse effective and positive change, and to reach the hearts and minds of the People – Love is the great equaliser and is the “strongest marketing tool” ! People follow the energy levels and quality of consciousness, it is like a powerful magnet.

    7. Robert Holden is another guy I would HIGHLY recommend. He lectures in major conglomerates on marketing approaches and getting the best out of groups of people / boosting sales etc and is brilliant in anything that is about doing business, whilst simultaneously lending a valuable spiritual perspective, and he is highly pragmatic, grounded but inspiring at the same time – he has been on Oprah Winfrey, has written many books, produced many CD’s and is marketed and internationally renowned. He did the ‘Happiness Now’ project with Ben Renshaw and with the NHS which was a knock out success. would you like an introduction to him ? He has access to an ENORMOUS network and gives talks and lectures also at St James Church in Piccadilly which holds about 700 people, he’s really popular and magnificent things happen around him.

    8. Sir John Butterfill – I can invite him to speak if you like, too ? pls confirm. Especially if he is petitioning the Treasury Select committee over the Vavasseur case.

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